MD Covid-19 Impact Program

MD Covid-19 Impact Program

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  • Posted by: Koen Pouw

Still in the middle of the pandemic of Covid-19, our working life is different then ever before. For some, working from home will gradually be exchanged for the regular workplace again, for others, it is the new reality. Either way, a lot has changed. We offer a number of applications that contribute to a good comeback to the office or settling in your current workmode. In this period it is likely that there is a call for different skills and qualities. With the MD Covid-19 Comeback Program we help you to secure keep and the positive things.

MD Covid-19 Impact Program

During a team session, we reflect from the MD methodology on the impact that the crisis has had on the individual team members and the team. How do you retain new and positive behavior and what do you want to develop further?

MD Crisis Impact Scan

As part of this program, we perform the online MD Crisis Impact Scan in advance. This scan measures in a simple way how people have experienced the culture within the team during the crisis. Digital, interactive and directly applicable!

The team members give a score on six statements via a digital application that is emailed prior to the session. These statements relate to the behavior within the team that was experienced to a greater or lesser extent during the crisis. The acquired knowledge and conversation that follows form a concrete starting point for (further) development as a team. We also connect this to the MD team profile and the objectives of the team.

Influence on your MD Drives Profile

The crisis may have changed the way you view the world. Your drives may also have changed. Are you curious about the effect on your profile? Then complete the MD survey again!

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Author: Koen Pouw