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Business 4 Kids

To foster a mission of a lifelong learning, also every year Incrementum spends some time in front of a class of kids in age groups varying from 6-12 years old. Every year different “business” skills or behavior is discussed. We adjust the presentations and material to fit the kid’s language and understanding.

Some of our projects you can find below:

Lean 4 Kids

In this lesson series of 10 lessons we teach kids the basics of lean and teach them how to complete a yellow belt project including setting up a Kaizen event and the use of Lean tools. We have cooperated with Louwman & Parqui, the Dutch importer of Toyota, where the basis of LEAN comes from.

Drives 4 Kids

In this lesson kids are being familiarized what Drives are and how they apply to all people. The kids do a simplified test and in a later stage they will get individual profiles and we talk about what this does to group dynamics.

Time Management 4 Kids

In this course we let kids find out how to manage their time effectively. What does good planning look like, how do you define priorities and how do you use a calendar.

Presentations 4 Kids

In this course the kids learn how to build an effective presentation. How do you hook your audience and how do you build your story so people can remember and retell it?

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