Summer offer: Knowing what makes you happy in 1,5 hour!

Summer offer: Knowing what makes you happy in 1,5 hour!

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  • Posted by: Koen Pouw

It has been a while since the world had the initial shock with the Covid-19 pandemic. Life was different straight away for a lot of people and companies. Insecurities rose, unclarity sometimes overwhelmed us. After a few months of the original outbreak, slowly life is getting back to “normal”. But how did the recent past influence our thinking about “normal”. Many people I spoke to have used the time to think about what is essential and important to them. “What choices will I make towards the future”. The question “What makes me happy, and how can I achieve that?” becomes more central in the mind of many. This is not an easy question to answer, but there is an easy start!

Knowing what makes you happy starts with knowing what drives you.

Knowing what drives you gives great insights in what you like and what gives you energy. Hugely different than being labeled a “type” based on your behavior, your drives show you your intrinsic motivation. Why do you do what you do? Being motivated in your drives, being able to use behavior that makes you happy in your work, will give you a greater sense of purpose and happiness. The Management Drives software measures and provides insight into what motivates a team or person. The Management Drives software thus offers a communal language to enable behavior to be discussed and to use the strength of the team and each individual. Management Drives uses a language with six colors, uniquely presented in a matrix. Each color stands for a style of leadership or organizational culture.

Coaching based on your Management Drives Profile

Based on your Management Drives profile and the feedback on this profile, you will be able to understand more on why certain things brings you in high spirits, while other things bring you down. Going through your profile with a coach, will allow you to revisit situations and place them in the context of your drives. Knowing what motivates you and demotivates you can be extremely powerful, especially coupled with insights on what you can do to avoid being pushed to feel under pressure. Knowing your pitfalls and strengths will provide you with options for personal development that can be further reviewed in next coaching sessions. This will help you to figure out what makes you happy, not just today, but also the future!

Summer 2020 offer:

In the spirit of creating as many happiness as possible this summer Incrementum offers Until 31 an Individual Management Drives Profile including feedback (1 hour) for 150 euro (normal 345 euro). This offer is valid until 31st august 2020.

If you are interested to support your team or organization in finding out what makes them happy? Contact us via for an offer tailor made for you.

We can’t wait to put people on the path of their happiness and use their talents and drives in the most efficient and productive way.

Author: Koen Pouw