Management Drives Certification; Groups, Teams and Organizations

Management Drives Certification; Groups, Teams and Organizations

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  • Posted by: Koen Pouw

On January 9th 2020 Incrementum received the certification from Management Drives to utilize the Management Drives software in Groups, Teams and Organization. With this Incrementum extends it’s portfolio with Management Drives beyond Individual Coaching and Development.

Owner Koen Pouw said; “With this new addition we can offer a complete service to individuals, groups, teams and organizations in improving efficiency, communication and cooperation.  Management Drives was the preferred software of choice for Incrementum, as it creates a common language for teams and organizations and gives immediate insights that can be easily adapted. Much more than other tools that were reviewed, Management Drives gave insights on the “why” of demonstrated behavior, and the indication of drives of people.”

About Management Drives

Management Drives is company that focuses on organizational development, effective cooperation within teams and improving leadership with its software products. The Management Drives software measures what drives people. It provides insight into what motivates a team or person. This makes it possible to predict how that team or that person uses their knowledge and competences. All the information is displayed in six colors. Each color represents a certain style of leadership or organizational culture.

If you are interested how you can use the Management Drives toolset in your organization, reach out to us!

Author: Koen Pouw