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A few weeks ago I received a video from a friend via Whats App. It was a video of a few comedians performing a sketch that was representing an employee explaining how his company just implemented a big change in their IT-system, while the design wasn’t ready, the timeline too short and no priorities for the deliverable was set.

Of course, we all hope the Scaled Agile Framework will tackle this issue going forward, but there is more to the story then a different implementation strategy.

My main thoughts actually went to the disgruntled employee. He was obviously (rightfully) criticizing the “management”, but he himself was also far from ready in his mind to make the change. It was clear there were either none or little expectations set about the why, how and what. In addition, even if these expectations were clear, they were for sure not adopted.

What companies, organizations, leaders, managers and employees often oversee in the process of change is prepare people to make changes. Sometimes something small, like pressing a different button, sometimes something big with large scope changes in the role.

What all parties need to realize is that all change is personal, no matter how small. It touches the beliefs and respective behaviors of people involved in the change. Desired beliefs and resulting behaviors should be shared with all involved.

Key is not only to focus on the behavior and actions that are expected, but also test if those behaviors have a fighting change in the existing processes and systems. Is the environment set up for success to drive the right behaviors and consequential results of your change? If not, your change is doomed to not reach its potential or ends up worse, another failed project while losing moral, good employees and aspired business results.

Incrementum Consultancy & Coaching can help preparing your organization for a successful change management journey! In 5-stage approach we will help you and your leadership team to

1.      Define the change needs

2.      Communicate your supporting beliefs and behaviors to your organization or target audience

3.      Increase knowledge on quick process improvements required

4.      Align your systems (IT and process)

5.      Track results

Do you want to know more how you can make your next change successful and bring your people along to make your change stick? Please check the website for our offerings and get in touch via personal message or sent an email to

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